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–ANMN Elections 2017 (2074)

When is the Election?

ANMN is having its Annual General Meeting and Election on April 29, 2017 during the Nepali New Years celebration. Everyone is welcome to be part of the celebration.

Nomination Form

Who can run in the Election?

Anyone who is a member of ANMN on the day of the election can run for a spot on the ANMN executive committee. For more information on how to renew your membership or become a member please click here.

Who can vote?

Anyone who is 18 years of age and becomes a member of ANMN on or by the day of the election can vote. For more information on how to renew your membership or become a member please click here.

Which ANMN Officers will be elected via membership voting?

The following Executive Committee positions will be elected by voting on April 29, 2017.

a. President

  • The President shall be the chief executive officer of ANMN and shall have general supervision and control of its activities and programs. He/she will handle all formal correspondence between Members, the Council and members of ANMN, and others, and call and run meetings.

b. Vice-President

  • The Vice President shall assist the President and assume his or her duties when the President is unable to serve or during his/her leave of absence.

c. General Secretary

  • The General Secretary shall keep records and minute of all meetings of ANMN Board and of all activities and programs. The General Secretary will assume the duties of the President if and when the President and Vice President are unable to serve or during their leave of absence.

d. Treasurer

  • The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds of the ANMN, shall maintain bank accounts, receipts and disbursement of funds and shall give complete reports to the ANMN membership. The Treasurer shall be the primary contact person for the issues related to the financials of ANMN.

Are the other members of the ANMN Board elected?

No. The immediate past president will automatically become part of new board. The remaining 10 ANMN board members will be nominated by the Executive Committee: they do not need to be elected by ANMN membership.

If you are interested in being a non-elected member of the ANMN Board, please contact one of the above officials soon after the election, or please signal your interest via the form below.

To recap, only the four ANMN Executive Committee positions noted above [President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary] will require election; all other board positions, except for immediate past president, will be nominated by Executive Board.

Is there a time-line or deadline for the election process?

Yes. The ANMN Election Commission has set the following timeline for the 2017 election:

March 9 – March 25: Filing Nomination for the following posts
– President
– Vice-President
– Secretary
– Treasurer
March 26- April 1: Withdrawing Nomination
April 3: Publish list of candidate for each post on the web
– Send email to members
– Prepare ballots/forms

April 8: Campaign Period Starts:  until the election day
April 29: Election at New Years Event
– On site voting once the doors open for the event
– Compile votes and publish results

I know someone who would be a good fit for ANMN position. Can I nominate them?

Yes. Please fill out form below with all required information and ANMN Election Committee will consider the nomination valid. The nominated individual will be informed of nomination (without any indication of who has nominated them) and they will be able to accept or withdraw from nomination according to election committee time-line.


Please note that your nomination will be held private and known to only ANMN Election Commission Primary Contact Chair. To ensure a legitimate nomination, and to offer us a way to contact you or nominee to clarify any questions, we gently request that you please submit a valid email address. Thank you.