Get Involved with ANMN

Board Member:
Board members have the overall responsibility for the organization. They are charged with supervision and oversight which is the process by which they make decisions, delegate work and assure that decisions are carried out in the manner intended. This is an active role where each board member is actively involved in executing the projects decided upon.


Advisory board:
To be on an advisory board you should have served either in the executive committee or the board. Community leaders or subject matter experts can also be invited to be part of the advisory board. Advisory board will be the liaison body of the ANMN Board with the general public and will provide strategic and operational advice to the Executive Committee and the ANMN Board.


Committee Member:
There are several committees such as program/event, grant, finance, public relation, information and technology, and project committees. Each committee will be led by a board member as its chair. Committee members have the responsibility to fulfill the goal of the committee. They are charged with creating a process and plan to meet a goal.

Roles of Individual Board Members/Advisory board/Committee member:
Each ANMN member is responsible for the following credo:

  • Wherever you go, go as a leader of ANMN
  • Whatever you do as part of ANMN, do with integrity
  • Always strive to build goodwill for ANMN and its efforts in the community
  • Always persevere and never stop doing good for the community even in the midst of complaints and criticism
  • Always be willing to volunteer for ANMN without expecting anything in return

Each member will actively participate in ANMN programs and efforts and take up meaningful responsibilities and assist the ANMN board to become a truly function oriented board where each member has defined responsibilities, individually or within one of the committees.


If you have any question or concerns please send an email to