Message From the ANMN President – Apeckchya Karki

Apr - 24

Message From the ANMN President – Apeckchya Karki

Message from the President

Dear all,

Thank you for electing me to be the president of Association of Nepalis in Minnesota (ANMN ) for the term year 2015 -2017. I along with the executive committee members are excited to take up responsibilities and new challenges to help our organization and community move forward.I want to thank all past presidents, board members, advisors, committee members and volunteers for their dedication and hard work. Each of your contribution is valuable.

I believe in team work and I am happy to have a great group of people in the executive committee to help me implement my vision. Along with the the executive committee we need committed board members, advisers, committees and community members to execute the plan. Our organization will only be as effective as the members make it. I hope you all are as excited as I am to build one strong community. I am looking forward to working with each of you.






Apeckchya Karki
Association of Nepalis in Minnesota (ANMN)

One Reply to “Message From the ANMN President – Apeckchya Karki”

  1. Thank you for updating the site with IRS form and donation link with the clear fundraising purpose.
    I have been asking my company and friends to contribute via same donation link. So you should bee seeing more contributions. I was talking to my father who is has setup a tent-clinic in Bhaktapur, and he said medical supplies, tent are critical as almost all houses (specially in villages) are gone. I heard via my friend that they have started distributing food already. May be there is better way to help as sending money to bigger organization will take time to reach to the needy. Just a thought.
    Also, if you can request all Nepalese people to request donations from their company, and have the a company-wide email sent for employees to contribute, we could widen our fundraising.

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