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Our mission is to build, preserve and promote an enthusiastic, active and supportive community among the Nepalis and friends of Nepal in the state of Minnesota. Thus, strengthening the bond of friendship and co-operation. 

Registrations for Youth Summer Enrichment Camps & Classes are open

24 April 2023

ANMN is excited to announce that we will be hosting Summer Enrichment Camps for our youth once again this summer. The camps will run throughout the week, starting from June 9th and concluding on August 18th, 2024.

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Are you eager to make a meaningful difference within our Nepali community and beyond? We invite you to become a part of the Association of Nepalis in Minnesota (ANMN) as we embark on a mission to unite the Nepali community, celebrate our rich culture, and foster stronger connections!


Glimpses of Dashain & Tihar 2023 Celebration.

14 October 2023

The event was absolutely fantastic! Need proof? Let the pictures do the talking. Explore the incredible photos from this year’s biggest event. Thanks Umesh Pathak @ A & A Photography for your support to the community.

Glimpses of Nepali New Year 2080 Celebration.

15 April, 2023

Whether at home or abroad, celebrating the Nepali New Year is always a joyous occasion filled with lively festivities, delicious food, and enchanting music! We were fortunate to witness amazing performances by renowned Nepali singers Sanjeep Pradhan and Sarishma Amatya, accompanied by our talented local artists. One of our dedicated volunteers, Aayush Tuladhar, skillfully captured some of these precious moments with his camera, ensuring lasting memories.

Dashain & Tihar Night 2022 in Pictures

15 October 2022

The event was a blast! Don’t you believe it? Pictures don’t lie. Check out the amazing pictures of this mega event of the year. Thanks Surabhi Photography for your support to the community.

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A warm welcome and best wishes this festive season

A warm welcome and best wishes this festive season

It is my immense pleasure to serve as the President of the Association of Nepalis in Minnesota (ANMN). We strive for preserving our cultures and strengthening bonds of friendship so that everyone can live a good life. Taking an opportunity of auspicious annual festival Dashain (“Mhening” in my native language), I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to you all.