ANMN Youth Arts Workshop 2023

Are your children interested in drawing, sketching, or painting? This summer, ANMN is organizing arts workshops led by the talented artist, graphic designer, and illustrator, Raju Lamichhane. Raju is known for his incredible ability to create stunning designs of animals, nature, and surroundings using scrap papers, offering a unique form of artistic expression.

In these workshops, your kids will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of drawing, sketching, coloring, and the art of using scrap paper to create their own masterpieces.

bajracharya girls

ANMN Youth Dance Lesson Summer 2023

Summer break is just around the corner, and you might be wondering how to keep your kids engaged during the holidays. No need to worry! ANMN offers a variety of exciting summer enrichment programs, including a Nepali dance lesson taught by the talented Pooja Bisural. Pooja is not only passionate about dancing but also loves sharing her knowledge with children.

Regardless of your kids’ previous dancing experience, they are welcome to join the class. All they need is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Pooja will guide them through simple steps and moves of Nepali dances, ensuring a fun and enjoyable learning experience. It’s important to note that these lessons are free of charge, but advanced registration is required due to limited capacity.

ANMN Youth Leadership Program 2023

We are excited to provide a platform for young individuals to engage in empowering youth leadership activities. This program offers a variety of benefits and opportunities for participants to:

  • Share their cultural experiences and perspectives.
  • Enhance their public speaking skills in a supportive environment with friends and parents.
  • Receive valuable feedback and guidance from experienced evaluators, including a Four-time champion of District 106 Toastmasters Speech, a father with three youths, and a Financial Executive.

Community, connection and support when you need it

Our mission is to build, preserve and promote an enthusiastic, active and supportive community among the Nepalis and friends of Nepal in the state of Minnesota. Thus, strengthening the bond of friendship and co-operation. 

Dashain & Tihar Night 2022 In Pictures

The event was a blast! Don’t you believe it? Pictures don’t lie. Check out the amazing pictures of this mega event of the year. Thanks Surabhi Photography for your support to the community.

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A warm welcome and best wishes this festive season

A warm welcome and best wishes this festive season

It is my immense pleasure to serve as the President of the Association of Nepalis in Minnesota (ANMN). We strive for preserving our cultures and strengthening bonds of friendship so that everyone can live a good life. Taking an opportunity of auspicious annual festival Dashain (“Mhening” in my native language), I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to you all.

We have new leaders!

We have new leaders!

After the election was postponed in May, the 2020-2021 board graciously extended it’s term until some normalcy returned in our lives. Elections were held, and new executive board members have been announced. Watch this space as we share more information about our new leaders, and what their vision is for the future of ANMN.