Minnesota Nepali Community Center (MNCC) Project


The mission of the Minnesota Nepali Community Center (MNCC) is to establish and maintain a shared community resource facility where immigrants of Nepali origin, and other residents of the Twin Cities and surrounding communities can gather to learn and share Nepali language, culture, arts, and values, thereby, conserving Nepali heritage and enriching the cultural diversity of Minnesota.

Minnesota Nepali Community Center is …
  • A place to converge, get together, and organize small and big cultural or family events.
  • A place that will preserve and promote Nepali language, traditions, arts, and cultural heritage.
  • A place that we can call home and feel home away from home.
  • A place for current immigrants, future generations of Nepali Americans, and friends of Nepal to hang out and share knowledge.
  • A place that can be used a teaching and learning center.
Current MNCC Ad-Hoc Committee Members
  • Apeckchya Karki
  • Bhairav Khakural
  • Bhaskar Tripathy
  • Bijay Shrestha
  • Dadin Pandey
  • Deependra Adhikari
  • Narayan Dhakal
  • Padam Sharma
  • Postak Shrestha
  • Ratnendra Sharma
  • Sachin Parajuli
  • Sandeep Acharya
  • Subas Silwal
Documents & Forms

By Working Together, We Can Make MNCC Happen!

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